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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy                      

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement                       


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For over twenty-five years the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine has been northern New Jersey's leading alternative medical practice. Our office operates under the premise that the combination of both medical and what are currently considered  alternative medical approaches to patient care are more effective than either approach alone.

At the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine nutritional therapy is a treatment of choice along with alternative medicine, with the use of medications reduced or eliminated so as to avert their unwanted side effects.

We have vast experience over twenty years of prescribing bio-identical hormones on fixed and cyclical regimens to best suit the needs of our patients. 

We offer the intravenous administration of nutrients and hyperbaric oxygen therapy which may minimize the toxic effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy regimens.

While the prescription of drugs is important for the treatment of some disorders, we prefer to address these problems through nutritional and alternative medical means where possible.

 Patients of all ages, from childhood to old age have benefited from our care. 

Some of the more common problems treated at the Center are:

-Menopause  -Andropause (male menopause)  -Aging

-Healing of cosmetic surgery, wounds and injuries  with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

-Toxic metal exposure (mercury, lead, arsenic)  -Food and environmental allergies

-Overweight and obesity

-Hypertension  -High cholesterol  -Heart disease  -Peripheral vascular disease

-Parkinson's disease  -Asthma  -Digestive disorders  -Candida


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Suzanne Somers autographing her book, "Knockout, Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer", for Dr. Klingsberg